12 April Mark Flores / whiskey

The XR in Crown Royal XR stands for Extra Rare, and this bottle is certainly that! The legendary LaSalle distillery shut down in 1993, and this bottle contains one of the last batches.

11 April Mark Flores / whiskey

When you’re in the mood for something a little different than your ordinary glass of Deluxe, but still want that distinctive Crown Royal taste, take a good hard look at Crown Royal XO!

02 April John Grahm / whiskey

Canadian Whiskey has a rich history, and what brand is a better illustration of this than the iconic Crown Royal. You’ll recognize the royal purple bag instantly, and enjoy the smooth distinctive taste of these fine blended whiskies.

23 March Dave Richards / whiskey

Want to try out a crisp and refreshing take ok that classic Crown Royal flavor you enjoy? Regal Apple is just that! A delightful blend of apple flavoring and the iconic Canadian whiskey are a real treat any time of year!

21 March Mark Flores / whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select is their signature small batch offering, and a real treat with that distinctive flavor we’ve all come to know. Smooth and sweet, this is one delightful spirit for sipping any night of the week.